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Industrial Wood | Construction applications

Along with the development of wood processing technology, industrial wood appears with many types and designs is one of the main materials used a lot for interior design and construction. With diverse types, outstanding durability, and reasonable prices – industrial wood is gradually dominating the furniture market. However, not everyone knows how industrial wood is used in construction, so today let’s find the answer with KANE through this article! WHAT IS WOOD INDUSTRIAL? With natural wood resources increasingly depleted, to meet the demand [...]


Color principles in interior design | Design & Construction

Color principles in interior design. Color is so important in interior design, that’s why designers often spend a lot of time learning about it. Choosing the right color, creating a sense of balance and harmony is very difficult, requiring high sophistication. Here are the color principles in interior design synthesized by KANE from the experience of experts, if you are interested and you want your space to become more sophisticated, don’t skip this! 60 – 30 – 10 The 60 – [...]


5 Decorating Ideas For Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves are considered as one of the most familiar pieces of furniture in households. The bookshelf not only serves the basic function of storing books and documents, but it also reflects the wisdom and lifestyle of the house’s owner. But when stand in front of an empty bookshelf surrounded by countless decorative objects, you will realize that decorating a bookshelf for the room space is not easy. Decorating bookshelves is a combination of science and art, so KANE would like [...]