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Classic Apartment Interior

Project Description

Classic interior style is a European art school, clearly expressed through the principles of balancesymmetry, sophisticatedly elaborated space with molding and beautiful pattern.

Please take a look at the interior of these two bedroom apartments to understand the sophistication that the KANE architects have dedicated themselves to!

Preferred colors to use are gray and whitecombined with furniture in graywhite, and gold tones. This unique color scheme has brought an impressive beauty, enhancing the nobility of the interior of the house.

The highlight that helps people identify the classical style is the gilding technique of furniture and decorations that makes them extremely elegant and luxurious. Like this dining table, the table has a wooden surface with gold inlaid details, gray-tone padded seats match the wall color and gold detail points, making the kitchen space more advanced and more impressive.

The contours only run on the wall and ceiling are indispensable details in the classic interior design style. The yellow and white light effects not only create a luxurious and attractive space, but also make the house cozy, harmonious, a perfect space to return to after a long day of burying in work.

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