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French Villa Interior

Project Description

The interior design of a French villa is not difficult but also not simple, requiring architects to have a good understanding of French architectural features, the most important thing is to keep the French quality, the French breath in each design of the villa.

The use of stone cladding most of the surfaces also contributes to the luxury of the house. And take the fine details as a highlight. The house’s characteristic feature is symmetry and balance of tones from interior to exterior.

The preferred colors used by KANE are yellow, white, and cream in harmony, exuding elegant beauty, politeness, solemnity, but still creating a friendly atmosphere for the villa.

A white sofa with flexible curves and prominent accents with black borders and bronze gold details create a beautiful, gentle, elegant house space, not too fussy. Clearly show the breadth of France in every little detail.

The classical dining table set chosen by the architect in the same tone with the sofa not only harmonizes with the overall texture but also makes the space more friendly, pure white color is soothing.

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