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NEW MODEL – 03/KANE/2020

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Project Description

With the expectation that the house will have a distinctive, unique and unique style. To show the personality of the homeowner and impress everyone around by the sophistication and uniqueness of the house. Therefore, KANE has released a new MODEL to meet the needs of customers and keep up with new trends.

The model is designed in a 1 ground 1 mezzanine style with a modern stylized roof to create a unique and new house. The building uses gray-brown as the main color to make the house look more modern and luxurious.

Especially, the combination of glass panels and the cubic layout of the house makes this project simple but impressive, full of novelty and attracts all eyes.

Project information:

  • Location: Binh Phuoc
  • Land area: 8.5m * 30m
  • Construction area: 6m * 17m
  • Scale: 1 ground + 1 mezzanine
  • Style: Modern