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Phu Nhuan Town House

Project Description

Located in a narrow street of the most vibrant and modern city. The house with 3 sides adjoining the alley, the small area still reaching out with modern design style, promote the efficient use of living spaces, with a focus on ventilation & natural lighting.

The front uses simple and modern deep tones (white gray) with gray granite wall tiles, Combined with vertical and horizontal bar to create accents and strokes for the house.

The back uses the dominant white gold tone, combined with the pale yellow wall tiles on the white background & decorative lights make the house warm in the daytime and shimmering when the night falls. down.

Project information
• Location: Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
• Category: Townhouse
• Area: 3.9mx10.5m
• Scale: 1 ground floor + 3 floors
• Year projects: 2019
• Owner: Mr. Son & Ms. Nga