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Living space renovation, repair old house.

Project Description

Living space renovation?

It sounds easy, but you don’t know how to start, and you’re struggling to find solutions to these problems:

Can’t enjoy relaxation every time you return to your own home?

Are you bored of old furniture?

Is your home too dark and has no space?

You want to own a new home but the budget is limited?

Is your time too limited to remodel the house yourself?

Everything will be great, KANE will help you solve all the problems above!

You can expect what the house will be like, or if you have no idea and don’t know how to do it well, give it to us, KANE will not betray your expectations.

Some basic improvements to transform your home:
First of all, we must know the information about the foundation and area of the house. If the house is still a solid structure, not too degraded, when renovating, just take the pillars as landmarks, repair and make a fresh house.

Wall paint color greatly affects the aesthetics of the house and the mood of homeowner. To create a seamless and liberal living space, neutral colors are favored for convenience and can be combined with many different colors such as cream white, ivory white, iridescent yellow, pearl gray, beige gray, beige brown, … Besides, the interior will outstanding, easily catch natural light to help the plants in the house always be full of vitality, but still bring the beautiful and cozy space.

To make the house more airy, we can design more wind cells, roof windows to ventilate and receive natural wind. If you want to change the position or more windows, we need to pour the bearing momentum to hold it firmly. Well, you should choose convenient places for construction, to avoid getting entangled in the power lines or water systems of the old design.

Interior decoration is an extremely important part of how your home will change. After a tiring day at work, you want to go home and relax. The suitable and comfortable furniture will make your home become more luxurious, cozy and attractive.

Let KANE accompany you to renovate a wonderful and worth living space!


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