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Project Description

A house with natural light, elegant design, living space layout and business combination  ideal for the current trend. With that demand, Kane came up with the idea of ​​designing the house in a neoclassical style, with the dominant white color and stone walling that bring elegance to the house. The idea of ​​dividing the space appropriately, the house still ensures the aesthetic for living space and business purposes.

The advantage of this house is that it owns 2 facades that easily design natural light windows plus elegance when wearing a luxuriously soft white, this house is a desirable home for who accidentally saw it.

The house is designed with a ground floor, 4 floors, and a terrace, under the skillful hands of the architect to divide the living and business space according to the desired owner. The ground floor and the three upper floors are the business places. Kane has designed multiple windows that make the most of natural light to provide a cool and comfortable space to work more efficiently.

Choose living space on the 5th floor, the owner wants a cool living space without being distracted. Understanding that, KANE has brought the ancient doorways combined with patterns & markers, striking columns of classical lights but no less modern and sophisticated, creating a feeling of not boring for the house.

On the top is the terrace, after a hard-working day, the owner can still enjoy the fresh air with loved ones. Kane has created a design that eliminates the monotonous and boring architecture for both business and housing



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