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Binh Phuoc townhouses with Neoclassical style

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Not as flashy and fussy as the classical palaces, Neoclassical architecture brings a more elegant beauty through balanced shapes, harmoniously coordinating each tile, array, and winding detail, giving a sense of gentle, elegant but extremely attractive.
According to the current trend, neoclassical townhouses are very popular with highly aesthetic homeowners, it has become a model that everyone can love because of its multi-stylish and sophisticated.
Right now, invite you to see the Neoclassical townhouse that officially begins construction today in Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc.

The sense of solidity and certainty of the gate is that thanks to the dark gray color, the minimalistic details, and patterns on the gate and pillars have “brought into play their abilities”. Still using the typical white color, the house is still accented with a few details of rose leaf color, combining the fresh green color of trees to create a bright and serene overall.

The 1 ground 2 floors house is arranged with large glass windows, making the space airy, spacious, full of natural light. The balcony is an exterior design structure of the house, so this is also one of the first structures to affect the perception of the viewer. Therefore, a beautiful and suitable balcony railing also plays a very important part in expressing the intention and style of the owner. Sturdy but flexible, the two balustrades on the first and second floors have been harmoniously combined, contributing to the uniqueness and elegance of the house.

Townhouse 1 ground 2 floors
Area: 5×25
Style: Neoclassical
Location: Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc