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Modern Apartment Interior 2021 | KANE

  • Living room combined with modern dining room, mini apartment, mini apartment for single people
Project Description

Modern Apartment Interior 2021 | KANE


Designed in a modern style, this apartment prefers white, yellow tone and wood materials, with the criterion are the harmony between functionality and aesthetics but never bring a feeling of monotony and tedious.

In the living room, the architect KANE took advantage of a large window to open the space to allow natural light to enter the room, combining soft curtains, and soft yellow lights, creating a cozy space. The highlight of the room is a gray sofa and dining set, a contrasting color tone that makes this design more unique.

The wooden shelf next to the TV is used to the maximum. This detail is both aesthetic and convenient and saves a block of the apartment‘s area.

The dining space is designed with open and airy design linked to the living room, not only ensuring convenience but also showing a flexible connection, housewives can see the whole living space. Joint helps to increase interaction with family members.

It is easy to see that with the large glass door design, the light is always full in the room, bringing abundant energy to the homeowner. Bedroom design with harmonious colors, compact, necessary and simple interior saves the finishing cost but still ensures aesthetics as well as utility.

Choosing to pursue simplicitybeauty and convenience, this apartment interior design was perfect completed by the architect KANE and received absolute satisfaction from the owner. If you own an apartment with a modest area, this design is a good suggestion for you.

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