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Project Description

– Office Building Design-

With the orientation of Stable & Sustainable development over the years, and bring valuable projects to customers who put their trust in KANE “A Better Place – A Better Future”.
Looking back at 2020, a year of epidemics and natural disasters leading to underdevelopment, bring about other consequences. However, KANE always believe that everyone still holds up their beliefs, thinks and acts positively as well as the saying “Difficulty is limit but Human power is infinite”, all the bad things will end and many good things will come to us soon.

To affirm the determination to overcome the old year and welcome the new year 2021, KANE offers an office building design inspired by bamboo trees for the façade, each sunshade bar representing a bamboo tree, creating a whole bamboo forest, bravely rise up.

The curve details represent the meaning of bamboo to patiently bend, falling down in front of hurricanes and storms, but in the end, they will rise up and grow endlessly. Even if they are obstructed, they can bend themselves and keep rise up.

Besides, the sunshade bar is still upholding its role very well, which is to help minimize high temperatures that are directly impacted on the glass wall. In addition, if you look at the building from below, you will feel the shape of a big tree through the clouds (balcony), reaching a new success.

The entire glass wall is full of natural light, bringing the feeling of a open space, along with the technical characteristics: high strength, heat resistance, moisture resistance and strong impact, contributing to make the look of the office more luxurious and high-class.

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