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DULUX – Quality Makes Brand

DULUX – Quality Makes Brand

“What is the best house paint on the market currently?” When it comes to building-renovating and choosing paint for their home, this must be a question that many people struggle with. If you do not have enough professional knowledge or, unfortunately, purchase poor quality paint, your house will become sullen, moldy, peeling, fading… and degraded in a matter of years. As a result, selecting a good paint company for the house is important.

Recognizing that KANE strives to find and bring the best for all of its projects. And when it comes to painting, the name Dulux cannot be avoided. It’s no coincidence that Dulux is at the top of today’s list of the best house paints. Let’s take a look at some information about this brand.

Dulux logo, Dulux

1. About Dulux 

Dulux is part of the AkzoNobel Group (Netherlands), which is one of the world’s leading paint companies. With a more than 100-year history, this brand products crystallize today’s most advanced paint production technology, creating a generation of paint with high coverage and smooth surface, bright colors, and especially effective anti-bacterial ability.

AkzoNobel Corporation (Netherlands)

Dulux is also very popular in Vietnam and is always mentioned first when it comes to house paint. They also have a paint factory in My Phuoc 2 Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province.

Dulux paint factory in Vietnam

The Dulux paint factory is outfitted with modern machines and advanced production technology from basic stages such as importing raw materials, handling, mixing, packaging, and transporting products,…, etc., to bring customers the most outstanding paints.

2. Quality makes brand

It can be said that Dulux is a very famous paint company and trusted by many customers. Nobody can deny its position because this paint company is constantly improving and developing, from the quality of the paint to the production process, which is strictly inspected and monitored. This is one of the few paint companies to have received the “Environmentally friendly brand” certificate from the Vietnam Association of Industry and Environment.

Dulux paint factory

With more than 1,200 paint colors available, you can easily consult and select the right color for your home. Aside from the diverse, trendy color palette, Dulux is also known for its paint quality; each product line has its own unique set of features that meet and solve specific needs. For example:

  • Dulux EasyClean interior paint was inspired by the worries of mothers with small children that the walls are easily soiled, this paint line was created to make cleaning easier.
  • Dulux Weathershield exterior paint has a long paint life, excellent house protection, and is suitable for Viet Nam’s harsh sunny and rainy climate.

paint Dulux, Dulux

And there are many more applications and utilities that Dulux paint brings to customers. KANE company has also used this paint brand for many projects and customers are confident and satisfied with this choice because the cost of materials is saved and much more profitable than conventional paints: same 18L volume but Dulux paint covers more square meters, good covering ability, no need to paint over and over again, durable paint, beautiful over the years.

3. Famous product lines of Dulux

Dulux Ambiance 5in1 – Super-premium interior paint: With optimal protection features, this is a complete solution for decoration as well as perfect protection for your home. With sharp and unique colors, this paint line will preserve the house forever thanks to 5 optimal protection features that help:

  • Beautiful and smooth surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fill small cracks
  • Good antibacterial and prevent bacteria, mold

Dulux Ambiance 5 in 1, Dulux high-class interior paint, Dulux paint, interior paint

Dulux Inspire: Includes exterior and interior paint. The color of the paint is more durable and beautiful with Chroma Brite technology. The paint line has excellent coverage, excellent masking ability, and a smooth surface. In terms of the exterior paint line, it is also mildew resistant.

Dulux Inspire interior paint, Dulux interior paintDulux Inspire exterior , exterior paint Dulux

Dulux Easy Clean and Dulux Easy Clean Plus: As their names suggest, this is an extremely good cleaning product line. This paint line has advantages due to the use of KidProof technology, such as:

  • Excellent surface coverage
  • Able to clean 10 times more than conventional paint
  • Resistant to moss and moisture
  • Has antibacterial properties, prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Odorless paint, safe for both pregnant women and the elderly
  • Not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury

Dulux Easy Clean, Dulux Easy Clean Plus, Dulux paint, Dulux interior paint, Dulux exterior paint
Dulux Easy Clean, Dulux Easy Clean Plus, sơn Dulux, sơn nội thất Dulux, sơn ngoại thất Dulux

As can be seen, this paint line is ideal for large families with young children.

Dulux WeatherShield Powerflexx and Dulux WeatherShield: This is a super premium exterior paint line with advanced Alkaline Guard technology that contributes to the paint line’s outstanding features such as:

  • Comprehensive waterproofing ability, protecting the house wall from moss, mold.
  • High dust resistance thanks to the ultra-fine film
  • Completely cover the small cracks in the wall
  • Reduce heat and cool to more than 5⁰C
  • Free of mercury and heavy metals.
  • Extremely low VOC content ensures human health and the environment
  • Smooth surface and the paint color is long-fading

Painting Dulux, Dulux WeatherShield Powerflexx, Dulux paintPainting Dulux, Dulux WeatherShield Powerflexx, Dulux paint
Dulux Weathershield Interior Primers help increase the life of the building by creating high adhesion, smoothness, and colorfastness for the coating.

Besides the features of the interior primer, Dulux WeatherShield Exterior Primer also has high alkali resistance. Furthermore, the composition of this paint is 100% water-based acrylic resin, which is the main ingredient to resist the absorption of water from the outside. All of these features contribute to your home’s ability to “stand the test of time.”

interior primer, exterior primer, Dulux primer, Dulux Wathershield

Dulux Putty helps to cover cracks, prevent crow’s feet cracking and prevent peeling, contributing to a smoother paint film.

Dulux putty, high quality putty, high quality Dulux putty

In addition to the paint lines mentioned above, Dulux has consistently improved and brought consumers more rich and diverse paint products such as anti-rust paint, oil paint, primer, and so on.

Above is some information about Dulux paint that KANE wants to send to you. Hope the above information will be useful to you and help you understand more about Dulux paint.

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