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Garden design trends 2021

Garden design trends 2021

We have just experienced the turbulent year 2020, the isolation of society due to the Covid pandemic gives people the opportunity to spend more time on their inner self and slow down. Fortunately, having a relaxing space of their own, with family going through a series of long-term workdays as well as the time after that when they return to the busy rhythm of life. The garden now shows more and more important in human living spaces, especially in the coming 2021 – a time when we need to restore our energy and receive a healing connection from ourselves. course in a deeper way.

Depending on the preference of each homeowner to choose the right garden style: can bring the thought of meditation into the Japanese Zen-style garden; creating an indoor tropical rainforest with dense tree features, Or a garden filled with longing reminiscent of indefinite summer vacation on the Mediterranean coast …
One of the tough things when starting a new design or renovating an existing garden is that you will get a lot of different suggestions and trends. Surely you are struggling to know how to shape when balancing the design so that the garden is both trendy but still personal. The latest garden trends suggestions below will make it easy to make your garden choices in 2021.
The environmental concern appears on most design trends.
After a year of natural disasters and epidemics, people became more and more aware of the benefits of trees to the environment as well as their health, thereby owning a green garden. Cool and harmonious becomes the desire of most people.
Climate change becomes a problem with many challenges, the solution of using a shade from shade trees or pergola to balance the temperature in the garden on hot sunny days is said to be a trend in 2021. This is also one of the ‘soul elements’ that the designers and gardeners love to bring to their designs, the shade always creates a private tone for the owner anywhere in every corner.
The garden becomes a part of the house in recent years, it has become increasingly popular to enjoy outdoor recreation activities. In 2021, this trend is expected to continue to grow, the garden becomes an extension of the house, the designs unite to form a natural flow throughout the transition from the indoor to the courtyard garden.
Furniture layout, kitchen space arrangement for outdoor barbecue parties (BBQ) combined with water elements such as fountains, waterfalls, lakes are great ideas for relaxing weekends with family.
Environmentally friendly materials
Designers are still promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials: unburnt materials, recycled wood …
Blow your soul into the concrete walls
With increasing urbanization density, not everyone has too much space for their garden. That doesn’t mean you will give up greening your living space. Standing garden is a great idea to bring green into your space as well as to “live” the dry, hard concrete walls.
Terrace – smart green space
More and more city dwellers are searching for different ways to improve space and bring nature into their homes. Start greening the space on the rooftop with hydroponic vegetables; while creating a roof garden to relax in private after a busy day, while providing a source of clean food for the family, while contributing to the development of a sustainable environment.
Light in the garden
Great if you own a garden full of sunlight during the day – natural energy and at no cost. However, to fully enjoy the space in the garden at different times of the day, you still need to add a lighting system at night.
Using spotlights or hanging string lights will make your garden space more sparkling, especially for dinner parties in the garden.
Taking advantage of solar energy is becoming a trend in recent years, solar-powered lighting lines are pioneered by many smart consumers.
What is more wonderful, when there is a garden with the scenery that makes you look forward to returning home every hour, listening to the soul relax at sunset, and gently welcoming each morning to wake up in excitement.
What are you waiting for without installing a hydroponic garden system on your terrace? And pay attention to friendly materials.



Garden becomes an important “rhythm” transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.
Using shade from the landscape to balance the temperature in the garden is the trend in 2021.


Owning a trendy and personal garden is something we all want.

Source: Architecture & Life Newspaper.

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