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Carpet for living room | Nice carpet for your home

Carpet for living room | Nice carpet for your home

Carpet is an item that has both high functionalities and should be cleverly chosen to bring a great decorative effect to your living space.

From materials, sizes to designs, colors, textures.. there are really many designs for homeowners to find a beautiful and suitable one for your home. If you know how to choose the carpet to match the room and other furniture, you have made your home more sophisticated and attractive.

1. Feather carpet


Feather carpet is popular because of the luxury and cozy feeling it brings. Not only suitable for simple and modern space but also alternative and classic.

thảm trải sàn đẹp

thảm trải sàn phòng khách

Even without a sofa, it stands alone, with just a few simple decor items such as paintings, lamps, candles, plants and a little creativity, you can create a cozy and chill corner for yourself.

2. Modern texture


With a variety of textures, designs, and colors, this type always plays a good role in any space. It is associated with modern style, but can also be transformed to match the classic look with more sophisticated and fancy motifs.

3. Animal skin texture

A generous space like this is no longer strange to today’s living room designs. It is for those who love wild, attractive beauty. Its uniqueness contributes significantly to creating a strong impression, expressing the personality of the homeowner.

4. Fancy cut out 

If you are bored with a sofa that is too dull, monotonous space without accents, it is born for you. The carpets with random cuts, fancy colors will make your home space become especially impressive.

thảm trải sàn đẹp

5. Minimalist delicate carpets

thảm trải sàn đẹp

But if you are a person of simplicity, do not hesitate to buy yourself these delicate and gentle carpet.

Depending on your preferences and the size of the room, you can also choose the lovely round one below.

In short, currently on the market, there are countless nice carpet designs for us to freely choose for our home. There are still many types that characterize many other home design styles that KANE has not mentioned here. And of course, you must consider the area of ​​​​the room, color, material and other furniture to choose the best carpet.

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