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SANITARY EQUIPMENT | Popular sanitary equipment

SANITARY EQUIPMENT | Popular sanitary equipment

Sanitary Equipment – Popular sanitary on the market nowaday

Along with the development of equipment, the sanitary equipment market is also developing strongly. It must be no stranger because they are human daily needs. So what does a full set of sanitary equipment include? If you still have doubts, don’t skip the article below!

What is sanitary equipment?

Sanitary equipment is simply all the items arranged in the bathroom and toilet to serve the basic requirements of people. They can be large, common appliances such as toilets, bathtubs, washbasins, or convenient accessories such as mirrors, clothes hangers, shelves, sprinklers, floor drains… In addition, rooms Large-area baths in some families with conditions also have many other devices such as bathtubs, heaters, etc.

These devices were born to bring convenience, meet our hygiene, relax, as well as take care of ourselves. Anywhere from houses, hotels, schools, to bars, restaurants, hospitals are necessary items.

sanitary equipment
Popular sanitary ware on the market

1. Toilet

Extremely diverse in brands, sizes, designs, materials that are toilets. Common types are:

  • One-piece toilet: Has the body of the tub and the water tank attached.
  • Two-piece toilet: The body and water tank are separate, more compact than the 1-piece type.
  • Smart toilet: Has heating mode, lid, automatic flushing, nozzle adjustment…
  • Wall-hung toilet: has a water tank that is designed deep inside the wall and only exposes the body of the bridge, the discharge button to the outside.

Not only beautiful, but the size of the toilet must also match the bathroom area and harmonize with other equipment in the space. Therefore, it is designed with diverse sizes to meet the needs of many families.

2. Lavabo Sink

This is the most frequently used item. Designed in a variety of ovals, circles, squares.. with types such as:

  • Wall-mounted lavabo
  • Under-table lavabo
  • Lavabo book a table

Just like the toilet, choosing a washbasin to suit the area and space is extremely necessary.

3. Shower bath

Showers today often integrate both hot and cold water modes, which are very convenient to use. A hot and cold shower in addition to bathing daily, also helps us reduce stress and fatigue. The current shower and bath market is quite rich:

  • Wall-mounted shower
  • Bathtub set shower

4. Faucet

Many places in the house need this “small but powerful” device. They usually have a rotary valve or lever to turn on and off the water.

  • Lavabo Faucet
  • Drain hose
  • Heat-sensing faucet
  • Kitchen faucet (for the sink, hand wash)

5. WC nozzle

Also known as toilet spray, often installed with the toilet. The faucet structure consists of 4 parts: faucet head, faucet wire, bracket, and rubber gasket.

6. Floor water collection hopper

Often used in bathrooms, toilets, gardens, terraces,…

7. Other accessories

  • Bathroom mirror
  • Hangers
  • Shelf

sanitary equipment

The materials of sanitary ware include:

  • Porcelain: beautiful, shiny, easy to clean, and popular because of the available raw materials, the price is suitable for all subjects.
  • Natural stone or artificial stone
  • Plastic, stainless steel, composite: not commonly used because of poor quality (plastic); high cost, and difficult to process (stainless steel, composite)

sanitary equipment

Not only do the imported lines have good quality, but domestic brands also create a certain position in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers. Besides a variety of designs and styles, the price of sanitary equipment is equally diverse. Prices vary depending on the brand, type, quality, model…

In short, to contribute to a quality life, you should build yourself a modern, scientific, functional, and aesthetic toilet space with appropriate sanitary equipment. . If you can’t do that, KANE is here to help.

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