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DESIGN PRICE – Townhouse, Villa, Apartment..

DESIGN PRICE – Townhouse, Villa, Apartment..

Design price (quotation) for design of townhouses, villas, apartments, shops, cafes …

The unit design price below is for Vietnam market only.

Nowadays, before starting to build projects of townhouses, villas, apartments… the first thing people think about is the need for a design consultant. This is not only in big cities but also in provinces today, most homeowners also slowly change their minds. It can be said that a complete set of design documents for the project is indispensable. Because when having the design dossier, the homeowner can see the 3d perspective, see the functional layout of each floor, and obviously can control the quality & progress well. However, the design quote is the main issue that is most concerned, which will be detailed below.

On the contrary, some homeowners think that can design their own home, by referring to design samples on the internet, combining the images they like together… this will cause many inadequacies, from the lack of professional knowledge, the lack of meticulous analysis and research, only seeing the beauty in front of me, but not knowing if it is suitable for feng shui or that design is reasonable or not (One design may be suitable for one audience but may not necessarily be suitable for another), many images are edited to attract the eye (unreal), tones can only be assigned by the designer because it is very easy to mistake the color code for the approved design.

How to handle the problem?

To be able to reconcile, and at the same time meet the wishes of the homeowner, coming to KANE, the owner will be involved in the design of his house. KANE will meet, “accept” your idea before infusing it into his design. At each design stage, the homeowner will review and approve the design. Depending on the type of project, there will be separate design quotes. Because the design of the townhouse will not be the same as the design of the villa, or shop, or large projects. Therefore, the “design quotation” of each project is different. Please refer to the table  design quotation below to understand each item and prepare well for the process of creating your dream home:

design price 2021

Design price 2021

Details of each item in the design quote will be presented in detail below:

First, let’s see what the architectural design will include in it:

When you have the architectural design for your house/project in hand, you can visualize the 3d perspective (or 3D image) of your project after the construction is complete. How will? It is possible to see the floor plan with the elevation and section showing the details as well as the height of the floor. The most important thing is the exterior color palette.

Design price – Architectural design

Second, we’ll go inside the house that’s part of the interior design:

This section will show you most of the inside corners of the house, the views from the living room, kitchen, bedroom, stairs … see the layout, arrangement of items as well as the function of use. of each floor and decorative floor tiles or wall tiles. Finally, it’s the interior color palette.

Design price – Interior design

Third, for the project to grow, it is impossible not to mention the structural design:

This part will give a solution of the frame system for the whole house to ensure that the house stands firmly under the impact of natural conditions and use loads but still ensures the required aesthetic elements from the 2 design parts. The above designs can be mentioned as foundation structures, columns, beams, floors…

Design price – Structural design

Fourth, to light up the whole house we need to pay attention to electrical design:

After completing the above 3 design parts, it will proceed to arrange lighting, air conditioning, socket system, switches & electrical cabinets for the whole house. Thus, with the electrical design drawing set, you will see how the lighting system (including decor lights), air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, sockets, switches & electrical cabinets in your house are arranged.

Design price – Electrical design

Fifth, but not least important is the design of water supply and drainage:

This section will show you what the water supply and drainage space diagram of your house will look like as well as the location of the water supply and drainage of each sanitary area of ​​each floor or the location of water supply for watering plants, location for drainage. rain… and most importantly, the septic tank system and the connection system to the area’s common drainage system (if any).

Design price – Water design

Design time includes:

  • Meet to discuss, survey, and draft a plan within 3 days.
  • Complete the full design from 10 days to 30 days (depending on the size of the project).

The value that KANE’s design brings to customers:

  • Visualize what your finished house/project will look like.
  • Can be adjusted to suit the wishes of the owner/investor.
  • See the layout of the use as well as the location of the rooms in the house/project.
  • General understanding of the components of the house/project, helpful for construction control and supervision.
  • The preliminary estimate is the initial construction investment cost..

KANE architects team with a lot of experience, creativity, dedication to your living space. KANE is proud to always bring trust, satisfaction, and dedicated advice to its customers by the quality of design and construction. And we believe, we will serve you in the best way!

The above unit prices are not fixed and will vary from project to project. You are in need of designing townhouses, villas, apartments, offices, shops, cafes, .. call KANE immediately to receive the best design quote in 2021 the best package in the market!

Do not hesitate to contact us, we advise you completely free and dedicated. In addition, we have absolutely no interest in taking the customer’s expense. Serving customers is our happiness. Please contact us immediately to experience our services such as Designing townhouses, designing villas, designing apartments…

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