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Types of doors for the house 2021 | Aluminum Doors

Types of doors for the house 2021 | Aluminum Doors

With the advancement of the material business, we now have a variety of choices for our homes. And the door is one of the indispensable parts of every house and villa project. In addition to aesthetics, we need to pay attention to durability, safety, certainty and many other factors.

Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors 2021

There are many different sorts of functional classifications for doors, such as main doors, windows, ventilation doors, and so on. All sorts of doors, however, are communication channels between the interior and outside of the house. At the same time, doors also have an important function in completing a building in terms of use, traffic, light, and security. This article will provide you with information about the most common types of doors on the market today, helping you make the right choice for your beloved home.

1. Xingfa Aluminum doors

Xingfa Aluminum doors are a high-class aluminum system imported genuine from Guangdong, China. This is the leading aluminum brand in aluminum production in the construction field. Xingfa aluminum stands out with its front face design consisting of 2 ridges running along the beautiful and thick profile body from 1.4 mm to 2.0 mm (4mm for corner slots).

xingfa aluminum doors 4 wings

Xingfa Aluminum door structure includes the following main components:

  • Xingfa profile aluminum profiles
  • Glass: Safety glass, tempered glass, box glass, etc.
  • A double EPDM gasket system ensures high tightness.
  • High-class Kinlong accessory system: Latches, hinges, handles, locks,…

xingfa aluminum doors 4 wings

Currently, there are many types of Xingfa aluminum on the market, with different manufacturers’ brands, thicknesses, prices, etc. But according to the origin, it is divided into 2 main lines, which are imported Xingfa aluminum and domestically produced Xingfa aluminum.

Imported Xingfa Aluminum doors: Xingfa aluminum profile bars are manufactured directly from factories in China. Xingfa Aluminum carries the Guangdong brand and is red stamped. Zhongkai Aluminum is green stamped from Guangxi China. These two types of aluminum have similar textures and quality. However, red stamp Xingfa aluminum is still slightly more expensive than green stamp aluminum.

Domestically produced Xingfa Aluminum doors: this is aluminum made by domestic aluminum factories and facilities. The quality is not equal to the imported Xingfa aluminum system, but in return, it has a much cheaper price.

xingfa aluminum door 4 wings, aluminum doors

Advantages of Xingfa Aluminum doors

It is not natural that Xingfa aluminum door products are widely used and popular in the current aluminum door market. Here are some outstanding advantages of Xingfa aluminum doors

Good heat and sound insulation: Xingfa aluminum bar has a box-shaped structure and is divided into many empty compartments and when combined with a gasket system with absolute tightness accompanied by a synchronous metal accessory system, creates an aluminum door product line that has excellent sound and heat insulation.

Water resistance and absolute tightness: In terms of water resistance and airtightness,  Xingfa Aluminum doors are one of the top aluminum doors. The water pipes are designed to face out, so it will prevent water from flowing back into the interior as much as possible. Along with that, the sealing system is absolutely tight, so it contributes to obstructing the circulation of airflows, thereby helping to keep the room cool, helping users save energy and costs.

Outstanding durability: With a structure of many internal cavities and grooves running along the outside of the aluminum bar surface, the door becomes more solid. Compared with other aluminum doors, Xingfa Aluminum doors have the ability to avoid the risk of wind stamping, withstand high wind pressure, up to 1600 pascals.

The pressure resistance of Xingfa aluminum is comparable to that of iron, but the downside of rust is completely eliminated. The outer surface is electrostatically painted, anti-fading, scratch-resistant, long-term use, and still like new.

High economic efficiency: The use of Xingfa Aluminum doors is always a top priority and is recommended by leading designers and architects. This is the best solution to help users save electrical energy for high-rise buildings such as apartments with many sides exposed to the sun.

Xingfa aluminum doors are affordable, reasonable, suitable for everyone’s economic and usage standards.

The current trend of using Xingfa Aluminum Doors is a trend and becomes popular. Office buildings, high-class apartment buildings, villas, etc. all use aluminum doors.

xingfa aluminum door 4 wings, aluminum doors


Eurowindow doors have been widely used in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, Eurowindow is a pioneer in supplying uPVC door products to the market. Up to now, Eurowindow’s uPVC door products have been present in tens of thousands of projects across the country such as villas, hotels, apartments, high-class apartments, office buildings.

Eurowindow doors. aluminum doors

Eurowindow’s uPVC door products are manufactured from shaped uPVC profile bars of Koemmerling (Germany) – the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of profile bars with more than 100 years of experience. Besides, Eurowindow also uses metal accessories produced by leading German companies. Synchronous metal accessories with multi-point latches, 3D hinges, specialized locks, not only enhance the aesthetics of the Eurowindow door but also help open the door in many different modes such as opening inwards, opening outwards, open to rotating – flip inward, open slide, open parallel.

Eurowindow doors, aluminum doors

Basic features of Eurowindow doors:

  • Door blinds are made up of 6063T5 aluminum alloy bars with high strength, wear resistance, double hollow cavity structure, solid. The curtain has 2 screw holes to seal the top of the curtain, the slot at the top of the curtain has a damping gasket combined with a buffer system between the roller blinds to help the product roll smoothly, minimizing noise when opening and closing.
  • Blinds have a thickness of 1 mm and 1.2 mm, meeting the width of the cell <= 4.5m, the height of the cell <= 4.5 mm.
  • Painted blinds on Eurowindow’s modern electrostatic painting line, with 03 common colors that are popular with customers including light gray, dark gray, wood grain.

Eurowindow sliding door, Eurowindow doors, aluminum doors


  • Sound insulation, good insulation: made from aluminum profile (with or without insulation bridge) combined with a glass box, EPDM gasket system, and synchronous metal accessory system, so aluminum doors and glass aluminum wall systems The size of Eurowindow has a high sound and heat insulation properties.
  • Good bearing capacity: with the product system with an insulation bridge, the tendons are stiffer and the cavity is more hollow, so the bearing capacity is better.
  • Lightweight: due to the characteristics of aluminum being a lightweight, high-strength material, designed with hollow cavities with reasonable reinforcement, the use of this material will reduce the load of the entire building. compared to the way the wall uses other materials.
  • The economy in use: with high-rise buildings with a lot of areas away from direct sunlight, the cost of electricity for air conditioning and ventilation systems is very large. The use of aluminum doors and large aluminum and glass doors with soundproof, heatproof and safety glass boxes is the solution in saving energy.
  • In addition, aluminum profiles that have been surface-treated and powder-coated with advanced technology have high durability, keeping the color and structure of the door even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, aluminum doors or large aluminum glass walls are also convenient for homeowners to maintain, simply cleaning without the need for periodic maintenance and repair.
  • Aesthetics: Aluminum and glass walls help connect and use the space, creating a panoramic view of the room. Aluminum doors also use a variety of decorative glass such as stained glass, patterned glass, frosted glass, … both ensuring discreet requirements and high aesthetics.

Eurowindow Aluminum Rotating Window, Eurowindow doors, aluminum doors

uPVC Eurowindow Revolving Doors, Eurowindow doors, aluminum doors

3. Industrial wooden doors

Industrial wooden doors are a concept used to distinguish them from natural wooden doors. This is a door line that uses mostly industrial wood to form the finished door. Normally, the source of raw materials for making industrial wood includes: waste wood, wood chips, branches, short-term forest trees such as eucalyptus, acacia, rubber … The wood after being crushed will be impregnated with adhesive glue. and additives, black is pressed at great pressure to form wood panels of different sizes.

Industrial wooden doors

The structure of an industrial wooden door usually includes some of the following parts:

  • Door
  • Door frame
  • Door brace
  • Hinges, locks, latches…according to different brands

Industrial wooden doors

Currently, industrial wooden doors are products commonly used in families, offices, schools, villas, apartments… This type of wooden door is favored by the following advantages:

  • Advantages of industrial wooden doors
  • Industrial wood doors have high rigidity, do not warp or shrink under sudden changes in weather
  • Highly aesthetic, diverse designs and colors, suitable for many different interior spaces
  • Effective anti-scratch, good surface waterproofing, no color fading due to the protective coating material.
  • Can be disassembled easily, convenient to move
  • Simple processing, low labor cost
  • Easy to clean, clean because the gaps and joints are sealed
  • Highly durable, has a lifespan of up to 15-20 years if used properly
  • The price is much cheaper than natural wood because the price of wood billets is cheap, saving you considerable costs

Industrial wooden door

Why are industrial wooden doors more popular than natural wooden doors?

About safety when using

Natural wooden doors do not use toxic substances, so they are very safe for users. However, in another aspect, natural wooden doors are quite flammable, which can cause many disadvantages when the house has a fire incident.

Industrial wooden doors in the production process are mixed with additives, including fire retardants, so they have heat resistance, fire resistance … Therefore, if there is a fire accident, industrial wooden doors will also become a safety shield to protect us.

About the intended use

Natural wooden doors are suitable for making doors in dry areas such as living rooms, bedrooms. Meanwhile, industrial wooden doors have some types that are resistant to mold, so they can be used as doors for toilets, bathrooms, kitchens…

Price of wooden doors

Industrial wooden doors can be processed more easily than natural wood doors, labor costs are cheap, wood billets are cheap, no need for drying… Therefore, the price of doors is often cheaper than that of natural wood doors.

The ability to maintain wooden doors

Natural wooden doors: It is quite difficult to clean because natural doors have many intricate sculptural motifs, many openings, and joints.

Industrial wooden doors: Cleaning wooden doors are also very easy because there are no gaps, dust cannot cling.

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Above is general information about common types of doors that should be selected for home doors. KANE hopes that after the article, you will have a more specific view of the common types of doors today. And choose the right door set for your family and project.

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