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Jotun – TrueColor Technology

Jotun – TrueColor Technology

When the house is gradually being completed, it is not easy to “choose the golden face” of a good and suitable interior paint brand among countless brands on the market. The house painting part is the decisive stage for the aesthetics and longevity of the building, so today KANE would like to introduce to you a paint brand with nearly 100 years of operation, is trusted and used a lot in KANE’s projects – that is Jotun Group.

1.  About Jotun

This is one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers, established in Norway in 1926, the company has 38 production facilities, 67 companies, and represented in more than 100 countries overall around the world.

Jotun has also participated in major projects in the world such as the Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the world’s largest cruise ship – “Oasis of the Seas”.

With more than 200 scientists working in laboratories, JT continuously improves and develops products and services to meet the requirements of each customer.

JT entered the Vietnamese market in 1994 and currently, JT also has 2 paint factories with a total capacity of 85 million liters of paint per year in Binh Duong and Long An provinces.

2. Why should you choose Jotun?

With Truecolor technology, Jotun offers over 300,000 colors in its rich and varied palette.

And this is also a paint company that offers a total paint solution for the whole project; which means that in addition to wall paint, there are also iron paints, wood paints, etc. You can mix colors directly at the dealer as you like without having to order bulk color mixing. This is something that few paint companies can do, even the big companies.

In terms of color quality and fastness, Jotun is truly outstanding. The paint film is smooth, beautiful, the colors are fresh and realistic. Especially with the hot and humid tropical climate in Vietnam, which is the cause of rapid color fading, Jotashield Optimal Color Lasting is a product that is “tailored” for this place with good adhesion, resistance to harsh conditions, and optimal colorfastness under the influence of sunlight.

3. Famous product lines of Jotun

When it comes to JT paint, it is impossible not to mention the two product lines that make up the JT brand today, Jotun Majestic and Jotun Jotashield. These are 2 products not to be missed if you are in need of using JT for your projects.

Jotun Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care is a premium interior paint with Truecolor technology and special ingredients that ensure the paint color stays accurate and does not fade. JT is committed to bringing environmentally friendly and healthy products to consumers with features such as:

  • Vibrant & luxurious colors
  • Cover cracks
  • Easy to clean & long-lasting
  • Almost odorless
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Formaldehyde
  • Perfect color in 2 coats

Included with this paint line is a premium interior primer Jotun Majestic Primer that enhances adhesion between walls and coatings, free of APEO, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Next is Jotashield Colour Extreme, this is Jotun’s most premium exterior paint product with a commitment to helping the house stay durable and beautiful over time:

  • Maximum UV protected colors
  • Resists dust on the paint film of the wall
  • Anti-moss & mildew
  • 12 years color performance
  • Reduce temperature
  • Water – Resistant
  • Formulated without harmful chemicals.

This paint line also comes with a premium primer product, Jotun JotaShield Primer, which enhances the adhesion of the topcoat.

In addition to the two famous paint lines above, Jotun also has other diverse products to suit the needs of each household such as:

  • Jotun JotaPlast: this is a low-cost interior paint line aimed at the affordable segment with standard colors, smooth finish, anti-mildew, easy to apply, and brings high economic efficiency.

  • Jotun JotaTough: This is an exterior paint line in the same segment as JotaPlast, has a variety of colors, is resistant to moss and mold, is durable to weather, and easy to apply.

  • Jotun Essence Easy Clean: this is a paint line with a matt and washable surface, low VOC content, easy to apply, and high coverage.

  • Jotun Essence Tough Shield: weather-resistant paint, anti-algae and mold resistance, high coverage, and easy to apply.

  • Jotun Essence Easy Primer: used for both interior and exterior.

For waterproof paint, Jotun has only one: Jotun WaterGuard. With its advanced waterproofing formula, Jotun WaterGuard is the perfect protection for your walls from water ingress and mildew.

Not only stopping at the decorative paint, but JT paint also develops strongly in the industrial paint with essential product lines such as marine coating, powder coating, protective coating.

Above is some information about Jotun; hopefully, this article will be useful to you and help you understand more about Jotun.

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