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Attractive Kitchen Designs

Attractive Kitchen Designs

The ancients considered the kitchen to be a very strong renaissance area and had a saying: “The kitchen is warm, the new home is safe and rich will come” – a kitchen decorated in feng shui will be the place to “light up” the fortune for the family. family, helping family members to have abundant health to work and accumulate intelligence. Therefore, a kitchen decorated in feng shui will be the place to “light a fire” for the family’s wealth, and at the same time help family members have abundant health to work and accumulate their intelligence. Because of the meaningful role of the kitchen, in Vietnamese culture from past to present, we often encounter many customs and cultural images associated with the kitchen. The kitchen is an indispensable functional area of ​​the house. Because this is not only a place for us to cook delicious dishes for life but also a place to help warm up and nurture family feelings. Accordingly, it can be said that this is the happiest and warmest place in the house, which contains the love of the mother and the wife as well as witnessing family happy moments beside the cozy rice tray.

KANE would like to introduce to everyone some kitchen designs that are both feng-shui, modern and unique, with the owner’s personality.

1. Gold tone as an accent: With a brilliant golden shade of yellow as a highlight for the kitchen, it helps to brighten and stand out in the kitchen. The yellow color is used mainly for the kitchen that lacks light and has a small area and helps the kitchen look wider and brighter, bringing a joyful, eye-catching, and positive space. Not only stands out but also helps homeowners feel comfortable and positive when cooking and is also associated with a sense of happiness.

2. The freshness of mint blue and green:
Mint green (mint green) – a clear color that reminds us of a kitchen of freshness and refreshment and helps soothe and regulate emotions extremely well thanks to a gentle and cool feeling. But actually, behind that green color also contains a meaningful message that is “reunion, convergence” and with stories that gather. The kitchen is full of modern appliances but combined with the mint green color, it brings a classic fresh and gentle direction of the American kitchens in the 60s.

Green: is the color of nature. It represents growth, harmony, fertility. Green also provides a sense of security. Green also means growth and hope. The green tones of the kitchen will take us on an adventure on the mainland even if we are trapped indoors through the kitchen cabinet and the colors of paint.

3. Hot orange color: The kitchen cupboard, the dining table, or the kitchen utensils … orange brings joyfulness, deliciousness, enriches colors, and increases the warmth of the kitchen, dining room of the family. family. In addition, this is also the color that makes the good energy in the kitchen “stimulated” and spread, very beneficial for the prosperity and the health of everyone.

4. Patterned tile patterns: Not only create a highlight for the family kitchen but also bring a dynamic beauty, full of vitality to the living space. Not only is it the task of protecting the kitchen, but the wall tiles also create a unique beauty of the kitchen space.

Thanks to the pattern of wall tiles, the family kitchen looks much more prominent and attractive. If you want a compact kitchen that is equally attractive, do not forget to choose patterned tiles.

5. Pure white tone: Unlike other bold colors, this neutral tone will not fall victim to any fast decorative trends. The white tone gives the home’s kitchen a brighter space, has a more spacious feel, and also shows a refined and luxurious beauty.

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