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Selecting an appropriate chandelier for your home

Selecting an appropriate chandelier for your home

Chandeliers are an indispensable accessory in interior decoration, it plays a very important role in helping to adorn your space more cozy and splendid. But to find a suitable one for the room space is not easy and must be considered by many different factors. So what are those factors?

1. Positioning a Chandelier

In an interior space, the chandeliers should be placed as centrally as possible because of these three reasons:

  • Aesthetic: A chandeliers have a splendid and luxurious design that should be admired from all angles. When placing the chandelier in a central position, no matter where you stand, you still have a 360-degree view to admire all the beautiful elements.
  • The spread the light: The light of the chandelier will be more evenly distributed throughout the room from the central position.

Symmetry: As the chandelier is the only suspended object, it should be placed in a central position to balance the visual.

2. Ceiling height and length of the lamp

No matter how beautiful the chandelier is, if it doesn’t fit in that space then there’s no use.

For the dining room, it make this space more interesting, stimulating everyone’s appetite. It should be hung about 1m above the table so that when everyone sitting around, they can see each other and their eyes will not be dazzled.

For other rooms, if:

  • The ceiling is higher than 3m, the length of the chandelier should be about 75cm long
  • The ceiling is less than 3m high, you should use chandeliers with a modern, compact design.
  • The ceiling is less than 2.6m, you should not use chandeliers

3. Chandelier brightness

The ideal brightness of a living room or any room is determined by space’s square footage. Therefore, you should consider the lumen output of your chandelier in your selection process. Depending on the different spaces, there will be many different light sources; it may not be the sole source of light in a space, but it could be the primary one.

For the dining room, you should choose a chandelier with white light to create the authenticity of the dish; For other rooms, we should consider the color of lights based on the tone as well as other furniture in the room. Depending on the golden level of the light, the room can become cozy or luxurious.

If you intend to install a chandelier, please keep in mind these 3 factors.

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