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Important LED Parameters – The key to choosing a light source

Important LED Parameters – The key to choosing a light source

Lighting is one of the elements that have a significant impact on interior space. Knowing the LED parameters will help you enhance the space and find the best light source when choosing lights for the house.

Aside from its lighting function, light plays an extremely important role in any space. Lighting can alter the atmosphere and how you feel about your living space. To do that, understanding the LED parameters is essential.

Classic style living room, led parameters

So, in order to understand LED parameters and how to apply them, KANE invites you to review the following information:

      1. Luminous flux

The luminous flux is the total amount of light that the LED emits in 1 second of illumination. More simply, the luminous flux helps us to compare the brightness between the bulbs.

luminous flux, LED parameters

Five levels of luminous flux in Lumen

Choose light with a high luminous flux for large spaces. In contrast, light with sufficient luminous flux should be used in small spaces to save energy.

      2. Luminous efficacy

Lights with high luminous efficacy are lights with large luminous flux and consume less power. That is, the higher the luminous efficacy index, the more energy-saving the light is.

Light efficacy helps to identify which type of LED is good at saving electricity, thereby reducing costs.

      3. Correlated color temperature

Correlated color temperature is the color of the emitted light (Kelvin). With each Kelvin, light will emit different colors.

LED parameters, Correlated color temperature

Correlated color temperature changes in units of Kelvin

Each color temperature will produce a different effect. The following is a color temperature chart you can refer to and apply to your space.

Correlated color temperature 2700K 3000K 3500K 4100K 5000K 6500K
Color Soft warm gold Warm yellow white Neutral bright white Cold bright white Natural white Day white
Emotional effects Cozy and comfortable Gentle warm Friendly Clean Candid Highlights
For space Living room, bedroom Living room, kitchen Showroom, supermarket Parking lot, basement Office, factory Street and stadium lighting


Warm yellow light, living room interior space, LED parameters

Warm yellow light makes the space more cozy and comfortable

Showroom furniture. LED parameters

For showroom, neutral white light creates friendliness and comfort

      4. Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index (CRI) is an index that reflects the color fidelity of an object when illuminated. The higher the CRI index, the more vivid and realistic the color of the object when illuminated.

Color rendering is expressed as an index (CRI) that ranges from 0 to 100. In which, 100 is sunlight taken as the standard.

CRI color rendering index, LED parameters

The higher the color rendering index, the more vivid and true the color of the strawberry will be

Normally, LED products have a CRI index: Ra > 75. Experts have also recommended using luminaires with a Ra > 75 index. If the color rendering index is too small compared to the normal index, it will cause eye damage and lack of light.

So KANE has introduced to you the necessary LED parameters to choose the light source for your space. Hope this article was useful to you.

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