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Ideal Apartments for Singles

Ideal Apartments for Singles

With small criteria but still full of functions of a house, apartments with an area of ​​​​45m2 – 100m2 are specially designed for young single people. Here are some ideal apartments for singles, let’s check it out.

Living room combined with modern dining room, mini apartment, mini apartment for single people. ideal apartments for singles

Apartments for single people are frequently integrated with a multifunctional room

Today, when society is more and more modern, especially in large urban areas, people are increasingly prioritizing a quality, free and comfortable life. Therefore, the trend of living alone in a small apartment space is gradually being favored by young people. So let’s take a look at some ideal apartments for singles.

Simple and modern apartment

This is an interior design sample of a single 45-square-meter apartment in Hong Kong.

To begin with, the layout of the living room is extremely neat and reasonable. Wooden cabinets have a height that reaches the ceiling, making the most of available space. The chair is just the right size and is neatly arranged beneath the table.

Hong Kong singles apartment, living room, single girl apartment. ideal apartments for singles

Although the area is small, the layout is reasonable, creating an airy space

In particular, hidden under the living room floor is a dining table that can be raised when needed. There are also fully utilized cabinets that fit beneath the floor.  A folding door, located next to the TV wall, can be opened to separate the living area from the rest of the apartment.

The girl at the smart table in the living room, ideal apartments for singles

The table is smartly designed, as it can be folded down to the floor when not in use

Coming to the bedroom,  the bed has been raised close to the window to make use of the space below for storage. A cabinet can be used as both a storage unit and a chair next to a small desk.

Convenient small bedroom. ideal apartments for singles

Beautiful small bedroom, taking advantage of every nook and cranny

In a small bathroom, glass doors and large mirror cabinets help light spread throughout the room, making space seem larger.

Small bathroom, full of basic amenities. ideal apartments for singles

The bathroom is small but full of basic amenities

This is the perfect apartment for single girls who love simplicity and convenience.

Scandinavian Style Apartment

The next apartment is designed in the famous Nordic Scandinavian style. The main colors of white and black are used to coordinate this mini apartment. All of the items in the apartment were chosen with the goal of being small, beautiful, and versatile.

Scandinavian style living room, ideal apartments for singles

Combine living room and bedroom in the same space

Living room with windows bringing light to the whole room, ideal apartments for singles

Windows are an essential part of any apartment, as they help to provide light for the entire space.

Simple Scandinavian style bed, ideal apartments for singles

The bed is large enough, cozy next to simple decorations

The kitchen combined with the dining room has the main color tone white - black, ideal apartments for singles

The familiar method in small apartments: the high ceiling cabinet optimizes the storage space for the kitchen

Scandinavian style kitchen with large windows, ideal apartments for singles

Along with contrasting black and white tones, rustic wood material makes the kitchen cozier

The apartment above is suitable for both male and female singles due to its Scandinavian style

Classic Style Apartment

Apart from apartments with a modern flair, the classic interior design style can also be applied to apartments for single people.

Classical style is clearly expressed through the principles of balance and symmetry, the space is elaborated with beautiful lines, details, and patterns.

Classic style apartment living room furniture, ideal apartments for singles

The details of the stitching and the pattern bring a luxurious and classic feeling

Although the kitchen, dining room, and living room are combined in the same space, it doesn’t feel cramped.

The yellow and white light effect not only creates a luxurious and attractive space, but also makes the room cozy and harmonious. This is a great place to unwind after a long day at work.

Classic style bedroom furniture, ideal apartments for singles

The bedroom is always prioritized with plenty of space, providing the homeowner with comfort

Classic style bedroom interior, ideal apartments for singles

Although it has a classic design, this space still extremely functional

So KANE has introduced to you some ideal apartments for singles. Have you chosen a design for yourself yet, contact KANE for more advice.

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