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The living room – Homeowner’s representative | Kane

The living room – Homeowner’s representative | Kane

The living room is considered the most important and mentioned first in a house. That is the center place and homeowner’s representative. It is easy to understand that the living room is always the first attention and worthy investment in the design – construction process.

The living room location is usually at the access from the main door to be able to easily pick up guests. And the living room must also be in a convenient location for traffic to other spaces and function rooms. It is usually arranged on the ground floor. However, many homeowners have taken it upstairs nowadays. These rooms are often designed to connect with the kitchen and dining space for convenience.
In some apartments, due to the structural features, the living room even is pushed back in, through the kitchen to get light from the open surface of the apartment.
The most typical things that the homeowner wants to show usually appear in the living room. The style (interior) of the living room should be identical to the architecture of the house and other spaces.
Determining the style of the living room is also determining the properties of the furniture, how to use materials, colors, and decoration for the living room. Besides, it is also necessary to clearly define the usage of the living room and target to whom to offer suitable solutions.
However, the similarity in style is also relative. Then it is necessary to skillfully handle that difference to respect the diversity in the house.
Material, color and light
With a classic style, a variety of wood materials can be used with dark colors. With a modern style, you can use white or light colors to accentuate, and new materials such as glass, metal. In general, the main color for the living-room must be neutral, bright, good-looking, suitable for many ages because the whole family is using this space.
Recently, in many houses, the living room is often designed with hot (light) colors. This should be carefully considered because it will easily cause dizziness and visual discomfort.
Take advantage of natural light, use curtains to regulate the light to suit the environment and living circumstances. Artificial lighting needs to be sufficiently calculated and requires at least two lighting systems to be used in different circumstances.


In addition to some essential items, the living-room also a place where the owner can display many decorations. It should be shaped right from the design to ensure sensible and aesthetics. Some factors need to be specified to have the right place such as sofa, shelves, TV, display cabinets, lighting, tree…

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