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Distinguish Roof Windows, Rooflights, and Skylights

Distinguish Roof Windows, Rooflights, and Skylights

A space full of natural light is always loved by many homeowners. Making use of indoor glass products is always an effective way to improve the living space inside. Currently, there are also many ways to bring natural light into the home, and the most common is to use Skylights, Rooflights, and Roof Windows.

All three types above have the common benefit of providing natural light, creating vivid accents for the home, and saving energy. So what’s the difference between these products – and which one is the best choice for your home? Let’s find out with KANE.

Roof windows

These are the most distinctive because they have a standard for evaluation (BS EN 14351-1: 2010). This standard stipulates that the roof windows should be installed in the same orientation and “in the plane” of the roof, at a minimum of 15° pitch. Besides, Roof windows are also tested in heavy and prolonged rain conditions, withstand air pressure, and ensure no leak is found before being marketed.

The most difference between Roof Windows and Rooflights or Skylights is that Roof Windows are often able to open, flexible, and have a variety of options; you can use a single roof window or combine multiple roof windows.

Roof windows are a suitable solution for attic rooms with no windows or limited space, it helps the room look wider and airier.

Also, they are very popular and widely used for their rigidity, durability, and reliability. Furthermore, they are available and easy to buy because of standardized sizes and specifications.

However, the size is limited; if you are looking for larger sections of glazing on your roof, roof windows can hardly accommodate.


Rooflights are different from roof windows because they are often mounted “off the plane” to the roof so that more light can be brought in. They are usually made up of glass panels assembled to form an arch or rectangle above the roof.

Rooflights are designed with different shapes, sizes, specifications, and functions. As a result, their prices are more expensive than the roof windows because they have to be customized and the delivery and installation time is also longer.


The skylight is understood as the space that opens from the roof to the house’s floor. Currently, many designs of townhouses and tube houses are now using skylights. This is one of the solutions that is considered effective to create ventilation, supplement enough light and wind for the whole house. They are usually installed at the highest ceiling and the main purpose is to spread the light throughout the house, unlike the roof windows that are usually installed to expand space, visibility as well as bring light in.

The most common location for a skylight is near the staircase, as the stairs are usually located in the middle of the house and adjacent to the kitchen space. Designing a skylight in a central location will make space airier, clearer and add evenly light to the entire house.

After having reviewed the three types of glass, it can be said that Rooflights and Skylights have almost the same meaning, and Roof windows are considered a slightly different one. Even so, all three share the same ability to improve lighting in any living space.

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