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Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom is one of the rooms that holds an important position in the house with the function of relaxation, to regain health after a stressful working day or when in need of a quiet space. Beautiful bedroom space not only meets the need of rest, but also need to be comfortable. Bedroom decoration is the one that shows your personality.

Let KANE suggest to you the bedroom models that show off your life style, but also as a means to convey your personality.

– With pink tones, it gives us a feeling of empathy, concern and romance. Bring a purity and innocence and create a positive emotion and happiness. Pink tones are very popular with women in bedroom decorations, pink shows femininity, girly and sweetness.

– Black is associated with mysterious, elegant and solemn power. Black and white is a strong color palette but it not means glacial, it still captures the softness and charm of this simple bedroom. The interior’s diverse textures and forms create a fresh and elegant look for the space.

– Dark space is an ideal choice to easily lull people’s souls.

– The mint green gives the room a dynamic and fresh feeling, in addition, it also means “reunion, convergence”.

– For small spaces, you can use gray for small part of walls. The remaining walls can use opposite colors such as beige, white, and light. Connect the resting space by wall and gray bed and give the room a minimalism and eye-catching. And at the same time giving the room a sense of calm, stability and a little indifferent, quiet and reclusive, not special but energetic or exciting.

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