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Considerations when equipping the interior

Considerations when equipping the interior

After construction, there is a rather important and time-consuming task is the selection of equipment and furniture. In this stage, the homeowner is very involved with the architect, for simple reasons – those are intuitive things that are easy to see, also very close to the needs of users.

Selection of finishing materials and equipment

In design, there is a mixture of architectural and interior content, and also technical issues, it is difficult to clearly define. For example, elements related to the architecture of a room such as windows, doors, traffic, and electrical system control surfaces are formed when a complete interior layout is available. An electric lighting system can be called an interior part, but during construction, it must be deployed very early, but cannot be done after the construction is completed, to be called “interior decoration”. However, in the general conception of many homeowners, the types of finishing materials, equipment (kitchen, toilet, electricity – lighting …) are also furniture.

When the house has formed the rough part (structural system, wall covering, dividing compartment), the visualization of spaces and rooms is clearer, so the owner wants to have a “part” in their own house is also understandable. The market for finishing materials and equipment is extremely rich, which is convenient for selection, but also difficult to… choose one of the many! Many homeowners get excited when shopping, but when they go to the material market – the equipment has dizziness, takes a lot of time, or changes back and forth; even fail to zero.

Design or buy available furniture?

The furniture here would like to be understood as beds, wardrobes, shelves … Design or buy – it is a question that the owner often wonders. Everyone understands that only the way to design and self-pack can ensure the size of the “waiting spaces” in the room or the house. Know that, but many homeowners still like to “go to the market” to buy ready-made goods.

Currently, the furniture market is also very plentiful, from beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, shoe cabinets, dressing tables, TV shelves … Many manufacturers and suppliers even have a “set” of furniture for the entire house space for the living room, kitchen, bedroom. These “sets” of furniture are designed according to typical standards, with uniform styles and materials.

Usually, there are two items that the owner buys available design: the sofa and the dining table because these two items are multiform; and also not too dependent on the size factors associated with the room. Another reason is that there are not many establishments capable of making sofas and tables well – things are combined by many materials: wood, iron / stainless steel, glass, fabric … and many other accessories.

Buying things, need advice or not?

The answer is definitely yes, whether it’s the selection of finishing materials, equipment, or interior furnishings. Because only the architect – the designer can have the most overall view, and understand the most about the house designed by themselves. Depending on the case, due to the way of work or the obligations of the consulting contract, the designer’s role, rights, and obligations to the owner in deciding to choose materials and equipment, furniture…

However, the general mentality must be seeing with eyes and touching with hands to be satisfied. That’s why the design is just about designing, but during construction, the landlord still “goes to the market”. Some people are afraid that the architects are self-interested, so they silently go to the market to pick them up. The result is never good, because the goods displayed in the store, the showroom are always beautiful, also sparkling (and practically any material can be beautiful); But in practice, the project is different, because it needs to reconcile many factors, can not stand alone, locally like in the store. There is a landlord who is not confident, inviting the architect to use it, it is quite a time consuming for both of them. Agreeing is okay, but each one is really difficult!

To avoid headaches and dizziness

Choosing to buy furniture (including finishing materials, equipment, and furniture) is always a matter of never being old, say never-ending. It is also a problem that always dizziness both homeowners and architects. Practical experience of the article writer, both design and construction, found that negative factors can be minimized as well as less time wasted in interior procurement problems. For homeowners – consumers should respect and take advantage of the architect’s role as a professional consultant for the best results. It is necessary to be alert and have an objective attitude towards the advertisements, offers … of the suppliers; nor should the real thing be beautiful. When choosing, buying furniture should stick to the direction of the design (through advice or drawings), to avoid falling into too many products to end up being difficult to choose. And finally, if you have chosen the product you like (of course, suitable for your budget), you need to make a quick decision, you should not wait long.

Source: Nha Dep Magazine