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Types of Construction Steel & How to identify

Types of Construction Steel & How to identify

Steel is one of the indispensable materials in the construction industry. They are regarded as the backbone of buildings due to their long-lasting properties, which help to ensure stability and durability over time. Steels used in construction determines a building’s long-term viability.

Construction steel

Construction steel determines the sustainability of the building over time

Prestigious steel brands are always the issue that investors and builders pay the most attention to. On the market today, there are still a number of steels of unknown origin and quality that are not guaranteed, with many potential risks. Therefore, we should select steels from well-known market brands. Let’s find out some of the best quality construction steel brands with KANE.

1. Viet Nhat Steel

Viet Nhat Steel, also known as Vina Kyoei Steel, was established in 1994 with the cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. Going into production since 1996, Vina Kyoei is currently manufacturing and supplying the market with steel products such as ribbed steel (striped), threaded rib and coupling steel, smooth round steel, rolled steel, even angle steel. and billet with a total capacity of nearly 1 million tons/year.

Many users rate Viet Nhat steel as the leading brand specializing in iron and steel production in Vietnam. This is confirmed by the fact that Viet Nhat Steel is always selected by major contractors in our country and internationally to build many important projects.

Along with that comes membership in the Vietnam Association of Construction Contractors (VACC), which ensures that Viet Nhat steel always meets international standards while adhering to the VACC’s stringent requirements.

Viet Nhat ribbed steel (striped)

Viet Nhat ribbed steel (striped)

How to identify Viet Nhat steel:

Viet Nhat Steel always has the characteristic symbol of the embossed cross (also known as “apricot blossom”) and the diameter index is embossed on the steel body.

Special note: the distance between two consecutive “apricot blossom” or “diameter index” must be from 1.0 m to 1.3 m depending on the diameter of the rolling shaft (as shown in the illustration).

How to identify Viet Nhat steel

2. Hoa Phat Steel

With nearly 20 years of experience, Hoa Phat is the leading brand in steel production in Vietnam. Hoa Phat is a multi-industry conglomerate whose primary business is steel production. The primary products of Hoa Phat are billet, coil, hot rolled steel, bar steel, special steel, and related products.

With a current total capacity of over 4 million tons of steel per year, Hoa Phat Steel has the largest market share in the country, accounting for more than 25% of the total, and has risen to the top 50 leading steel companies in the world. Besides dominating the domestic market, Hoa Phat has exported construction steel to many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and others. Hoa Phat steel’s export output is rapidly increasing to competitive markets, demonstrating the company’s high competitiveness.

Hoa Phat steel, construction steel

How to identify Hoa Phat steel:

How to identify Hoa Phat steelHow to identify Hoa Phat steelHow to identify Hoa Phat steelHow to identify Hoa Phat steel

3. Pomina Steel

Established in 1999, Pomina is one of the brands with three manufacturing plants with a total annual capacity of 1.1 million tons of construction steel and 1.5 million tons of billet. Coil and Rebar are Pomina’s two main products.

Modern machinery technology contributes to the company’s ability to produce high-quality products. Pomina steel is produced using cutting-edge specialized wire supplied by industry leaders such as Techint, Tenova, SMS Concast, and Siemens – Vai.

Pomina steel are of high quality, safe, and long-lasting. Pomina steel prices are thought to be lower than those of comparable quality construction steel products on the market. As a result, Pomina iron and steel is a well-known brand in the South.

How to identify Pomina steel:

Pomina steel, construction steel

  • An apple logo is the signature of Pomina Steel Plant.
  • Each steel bar has the diameter of the steel embossed on it.
  • One steel vein separates each logo and letter.
  • A Pomina steel label is attached to each steel bundle or coil.
  • Steel grade distinguishing characteristics Pomina

Distinguishing signs of steel grades Pomina

All three of the construction steel brands mentioned above have been chosen and trusted by many contractors and investors. KANE also uses these steels in work and opts for the rough construction package.

Above are the most popular construction iron and steel brands on the market. KANE hopes the information above is useful to you and that it helps you understand more about steel types.


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