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For the design of a house or apartment that has been constructed and handed over the rough part, the complete construction package is one of the preferred solutions.  Because this method will help you save time, eliminate the need to worry about selecting each type of material and alleviate the stress of constantly monitoring and monitoring the work.

If building the rough part is the step to create a solid frame for the house, the complete construction part will be the step to add the necessary things and create a complete living space.

The materials that KANE selects and puts into the complete construction package come from reputable, well-known brands in the market, leading in quality. In addition, for you to be more comfortable in choosing, KANE provides you with a price list of 04 construction packages to complete the house, specifically as follows: (This price list is for Vietnam market only)

Complete construction price list

*The price list will be updated continuously quarterly and annually

To make it easier for you to visualize, here are illustrating images of our complete materials for each package:

Basic package standard packagepremium package vip package

In addition, during the completion of construction, you can completely change the material according to your preferences. Depending on the brand you choose, the price of finishing construction may increase or decrease at a certain level.

With the motto “Quality – Prestige”, KANE is committed to using materials of origin and quality, always following the correct construction process, ensuring the quality of the work when completed.

Warranty policy at KANE:

  • 08 years for the rough construction
  • 01 year for the complete construction

So KANE has sent you a complete construction price list with 4 specific construction packages as above. For a free consultation and a detailed quote, please contact:

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