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Indoor Garden – Harder than you think

Indoor Garden – Harder than you think

Today, when the housing area is increasingly shrinking, bringing green space into the house is becoming a trend. But owning an indoor garden is not an easy and potentially risky task.

indoor garden, garden, indoor green space

Dream of an indoor garden

A lovely greenhouse is something that we all wish for. Designing an “indoor garden” adds aesthetic value to the home and allows us to unwind after a long day of work or study.

indoor garden, garden, indoor green space

A green patch adds vibrancy and freshness to the living space

The indoor garden architecture will create a lively and natural energy-filled living space. Furthermore, the garden in the middle of the house will help to regulate the air in your entire house.

indoor garden, garden, indoor green space

Indoor gardens bring people closer to nature

Interior space with garden design in the middle of the house creates uniqueness and shows the individual personality of each homeowner. Because each housing structure will have a different garden architecture and it is almost impossible to copy.

indoor garden, indoor green space, small garden

Each small garden has a distinct beauty that cannot be duplicated

Designing a garden in the middle of the house will create an interior architecture with pleasant colors: light colors of leaves and decorative items will make the interior space of the house brighter, more eye-catching, and more comfortable for people.

Indoor garden, indoor green space, small green corner

Just a small green corner makes the space more comfortable

“Disillusioned” after a while

Indoor gardens, on the other hand, present a slew of challenges if you don’t know how to set them up and care for them. Here are a few notes when owning an indoor garden, please read for reference:

  • Some trees’ roots grow quickly and strongly, causing the tree trunk tiles to crack and the ground to become rough.
  • Trees that are in the process of changing their leaves make the garden look unkempt and must be cleaned regularly.
  • The base of the wall surrounding the garden is frequently moldy, and you may come across worms in the soil, worms on the leaves, or bees and bugs flying into the house.

vườn trong nhà, không gian xanh trong nhà

  • The cost of a garden is much more expensive than growing a few small plants in pots. Besides, garden maintenance is time-consuming and labor-intensive, such as clearing fallen leaves, fertilizing, and catching insects…
  • If you don’t know the technique, the tree will not only die quickly, but it will also destroy the entire structure. It takes time to replace the new tree since then.
  • Uneven light distribution causes uneven plant growth, with plants growing greener where there is more sunlight than where there is little or no sun.
indoor garden, indoor green space, garden

Unevenly distributed light makes the garden ‘at risk’ of uneven growth

It is undeniable that bringing green space into the house improves the beauty of the house, but it also takes a lot of effort to preserve and prolong the garden. KANE hopes that this article will help you think more carefully before having an indoor garden.

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