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Types of curtains and blinds – Did you know them all?

Types of curtains and blinds – Did you know them all?

Curtains now are widely used in interior design and very familiar to us. There are many different types of curtains on the market today, each with different colors, designs, and styles, making it difficult to choose if you don’t know their characteristics.

beautiful curtains, chiffon curtains, luxury curtains

Each type of curtains will have different styles and characteristics

Understanding the properties of each type of curtain will aid in increasing the beauty and functionality of the curtain for your home or office. KANE would like to share the most popular types of curtains and blinds so that you can select the best set of curtains.


Fabric Curtains are the most common type of curtain used in home decorating. Curtains are made of smooth fabrics such as brocade, silk, chiffon, and others, and they add elegance, nobility, and luxury to your home. Furthermore, depending on the pattern of the curtain, there will be a variety of styles available, such as modern, classic, minimalist, sophisticated, and so on.

luxury curtains, luxury curtains, noble curtains, popular curtains, beautiful curtains

Curtains with materials and textures bring luxury beauty

Fabric curtains, in addition to being decorative, help to make the space more discreet, adjust the light, block the heat well for the room, and so on. They are also very easy to install. However, after a period of use, you must remove the curtain and clean it because the fabric is more prone to dust accumulation than other types.

simple curtains, gray curtains, 2-layer curtains, popular curtains, fabric curtains

Today, this type of curtain is appropriate for homes, restaurants, hotels, and apartments. Suitable for use in the living room or bedroom to enhance the beauty of your home.

popular curtains, beautiful curtains, luxury curtains

Roller Blind

Roller blinds are a type of curtain with a modern design, which is appreciated for its flexibility and comfort. The design of roller blinds is very neat and simple, you can easily drop or roll the curtain quickly.

roller blinds, white roller blinds, simple blinds, beautiful curtains, popular curtains

Roller blinds are often used in high-rise spaces where sunlight directly affects glass doors, offices, buildings, shopping malls, etc. The ability of roller blinds to prevent heat from the sun is undisputed.

roller blinds, beautiful curtains, popular curtains, roller blinds patterns, simple curtains

Roller blinds almost completely block out light

Also because of the simple design, roller blinds are not suitable for classical-style houses that need a lot of sophistication.

roller blinds, beautiful curtains, popular curtains, roller blinds patterns, simple curtains, modern curtains

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a combination of roller and fabric blinds. Roman blinds are made from a variety of fabrics, including brocade, velvet, linen, silk, cotton, and others, but polyester remains the most popular. Because this is a fabric with superior properties such as non-hygroscopicity, non-staticity, and heat insulation, it is especially resistant to stretching when washed.

roman blinds, pattern roman blinds, beautiful curtain patterns, kinds of curtains

Roman blinds are frequently designed in a modern, minimalist style that fits the window frame to create an airy and neat appearance.

beautiful roman curtain, roman curtain, beautiful roman curtain pattern, gray roman curtain

Roman blinds provide up to 100 percent sun protection thanks to two separate layers of fabric sewn together.

beautiful roman blinds, roman blinds, beautiful roman blinds

Roman blinds are frequently used to decorate small and medium-sized spaces such as townhouses, apartments, or neat doorways.

Rainbow Blind

Rainbow blinds are considered to be the most convenient and easy to adjust the light with two alternating light and dark spaces continuously. This makes it simple and convenient to adjust the sunshade to block light into the room through the zipper.

rainbow curtain, beige rainbow curtain, korean rainbow curtain, simple curtain pattern

This type of curtain is typically made of uncoated fabric, which is both safe and eco-friendly. With a variety of colors, high durability, this type of curtain is being very popular.

rainbow curtain, korean rainbow curtain, beautiful curtain model, types of curtains, simple curtains

rainbow curtain, korean rainbow curtain, beautiful curtain model, kinds of curtains

Vertical Blind

The advantage of vertical blinds is that the 180-degree rotating leaves catch smart light and are resistant to sunlight, extremely good light blocking, heat insulation, dust limitation, and especially instant fire resistance.

vertical blinds, vertical blinds, simple blinds, beautiful curtains, kinds of curtains

Vertical blinds with 180-degree rotating blades for flexible light

The blinds of the curtain are elastic, anti-wrinkle, minimize dust catch, easy to clean, and aesthetic with high durability. In Vietnam, vertical blinds are often used for office spaces. Because of the simplicity and ease of use of leaf curtains, creating a modern and elegant space for the office.

vertical blinds, vertical blinds, office curtains, beautiful curtains, beige vertical blinds

vertical blinds, vertical blinds, office curtains, beautiful curtain designs

Vertical blinds are often used in offices and study rooms

Depending on the purpose of different use, you can choose the right type of curtain for you. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand each type of curtain and choose the best curtain for you.

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