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Cement | The most popular types of cement

Cement | The most popular types of cement


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When building a house, finding and choosing materials such as cement is always very important. This is also one of the things that makes it difficult for many homeowners to have enough knowledge and information to choose the best option for their homes.

Whether the investor hires a construction team or uses design and construction services, it is necessary to learn and have a good grasp of the materials. But before learning about the most popular types of cement, we need to understand what it is.

  1. What is Cement?

This material is understood as a hydraulic binder, existing in the form of a fine black-gray powder, a finely ground product of Clinker Cement with other additives in appropriate proportions. When mixed with water and sand, stone, it will set and hard as stone immediately, durable, withstanding external impacts very well such as abrasion, weather, shock, etc.

the most popular of cement

It is made up of fine grinding of clinker, natural gypsum, and additives. When it is in contact with water, hydration reactions will occur and form a slurry called cement paste. Then, due to the formation of hydration products, it begins a setting process followed by a hardening process to finally obtain a material with a certain strength and stability.

Actually, cement in construction can be hydraulic or non-hydraulic. A chemical reaction occurs when anhydrous cement is mixed with water and produces water-insoluble hydrates. Meanwhile, non-hydraulic  such as gypsum mortar must be allowed to dry to retain physical strength.

  1. The role of cement:

They are widely applied due to the advantages of simple construction, available starting materials, good mechanical properties, heat and weather resistance, and long service life. In the field of civil construction, this one is the main material for the construction of buildings, houses, bridges, roads, canals, culverts, etc.

Especially in nuclear waste treatment, the role of cementation allows the immobilization of radioactive substances profoundly in the microstructure of cementing materials.

  1. Classification:

Previously, on the market there was only one common type of Portland cement, now there are two types of PCB and PC in parallel. Some special types include sulfate-resistant cement, oil, and gas, expansion, low heat, fly ash cement, etc.

  • Cement paste: This is a mixture formed between cement and water. It has practical applications, mainly used in the research of cementitious materials because of its large percentage and dominates many physical and mechanical properties of this material.
  • Cement mortar: A mixture of cement, sand, and water. Mortar is the object received when adding sand to the one above.
  • Concrete: A mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and water, or depending on the specific case, additives or other substances can be added.
  1. Some popular brands on the Vietnamese market:

Since its establishment in 1964, Vicem Ha Tien Joint Stock Company has always accompanied Vietnamese builders. Products bearing the famous Ha Tien brand are present in many civil and industrial projects throughout the South. This brand has also been selected by the KANE team to accompany it in many recent housing projects.



  • Concrete pouring: high development strength, stability, reasonable formwork removal time, good workability of concrete (ability to maintain slump, ductility) suitable for many structural items.
  • Mixing mortar: flexible mortar due to cement has good water holding capacity, easy to fly, smooth surface → smooth wall, limited cracking, limited permeability, high mortar grade.
  • Tile and stone tiles: cement has high fineness, fine particle diffusion into brick and wall, good water retention → improve adhesion between mortar, brick and wall, saving glue due to limited Non-adhesive mortar falls to the ground → increase the aesthetics and durability of the work.
  • This type can be used for construction in brackish water areas, coastal saline soils, improving resistance to chemical corrosive agents (Cl; SO4; CO2…).


Vietnam Building Materials Joint Stock Company started with the construction project of the Van Hoa clinker factory, a key economic project of the Central region in particular and of Vietnam in general. With the capacity and prestige in the construction material manufacturing industry in the domestic market, in January 2015, Vietnam Building Materials Joint Stock Company invested and launched the STARCEMT brand. In order to meet the strict and increasing demands of the construction industry, STARCEMT is constantly improving, manufacturing and supplying the market with the best quality cement products, including the cement line. The main high-end product favored by Vietnamese consumers is STARMAX PCB40.


  • The quality is always stable, the high strength is suitable for concrete foundation items, columns, beams, floors, saving material costs for 01 batch and reducing production costs.
  • Having the right plasticity to make it easy to build a bowl, easy to drag and fly for a smooth wall surface, create high aesthetics and improve waterproofing.
  • High smoothness, good adhesion, less spillage, fast surface finishing, saving construction cost & time.
  • With high early development strength, contractors can remove formwork early to shorten construction time and save production costs.
  • Late strength weeds continue to develop for long-term solid construction.
  • Favorable and attractive prices.


Insee Vietnam formerly known as Holcim Company, established in 1994, is one of the leading cement brands in the country. Insee will continue to promote Holcim’s advantages such as modern factory, high-quality products, experienced staff, efficient operation process. At the same time, meet creative methods that contribute to improving the quality of life for the community.


In order to meet the increasing demands of the construction industry, this brand develops a diversified portfolio of products to better serve each specific application of the building. The system of 4 cement factories in key southern regions creates favorable conditions for logistics services as well as the best cement supply capacity.

Specialized items: INSEE multi-purpose cement is capable of being used for all items from load-bearing structures in construction: pouring foundations, casting beams, columns, ceilings, etc., to finishing and decorating items such as painting. plastering walls, enclosing walls, etc.


This is a common Portland cement mix (PCB) in the Northern construction market. This type is used a lot for civil construction works. From pouring foundation, columns, floors, roofs to construction and finishing works.

Especially when installing doors and windows, this type ensures a solid connection between materials, whether in the form of steel-core plastic doors or aluminum doors, iron doors with walls, etc. From constructions from civil to industrial construction works are used.

  • PCB 30:

Chinfon PCB 30 is a common Portland mixed cement (PCB) on the market in the North of Vietnam, suitable for civil construction works from the foundation – column – floor – roof to construction. construction – finishing works, infrastructure works, and industrial construction work.


Chinfon PCB 30 cement has uniform quality, stable strength, good ductility. Finished products from concrete and mortar using PCB 30 cement have a smooth surface, good waterproofing properties, fully meet the increasing criteria of the market.

  • PCB 40:

Chinfon PCB 40 is a common mixed Portland cement on the Central and Southern Vietnam market. This is a type of cement with high quality and strength, uniformity, suitable for all civil constructions, infrastructure works, and industrial works.

Not only that but this type of cement is also used for the construction of projects requiring high strength and early development of concrete. Some typical applications of Chinfon PCB 40 for different constructions such as buildings, bridges, seaports, airports, etc.


Although it has been on the market since 2003 the COTEC cement brand of Cotec Building Materials Corporation has become quite familiar in the construction market and has achieved many encouraging successes.

The most popular types of cement

This is possible thanks to Cotec’s great focus on quality issues and in-depth investment. Currently, in addition to modern equipment and lines with a Japanese closed grinding system, a German control system, and an American dust filter system, COTEC also imports all clinker raw materials from Thailand. According to experts, Thailand’s clinker currently has the best quality in Southeast Asia.

This is a type of industrial used for fresh concrete batching plants with high compressive strength. Mr. Trinh Xuan Ha, CEO of COTEC Group, said that in 2006 the production of COTEC Factory will reach about 180,000 tons and in 2007 will reach 300,000 tons.

With this new product plus a wide range of products and distribution systems throughout the provinces and cities, Cotec is now a brand with great consumption power in the southern region, especially in the areas of Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai. , Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Long An, Vung Tau, Tay Ninh, etc.

Above are a few suggestions about popular types of cement, hoping to bring you useful information. Please consider carefully to choose the most suitable and best product.

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