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10 plant types help air purification best for your home

10 plant types help air purification best for your home

Trees not only help living space close to nature but also bring fresh air for you and your family.

The presence of indoor plants not only brings freshness and airiness, but also improves our quality of life. With the fact that they purify the air extremely well, one of the plants below they can absorb up to 85% of harmful gases in your home, in both offices or cafes, restaurants, .. The following air-purifying plants not only help increase the oxygen level in your room, but also help absorb moisture, deodorize and especially help eliminate toxins. Thanks to that, we can enjoy a better sleep, or a better quality work and play environment.

Don’t let you wait long, let’s explore with KANE what kind of ornamental plants that help purify the air.


 Peacer Lily is also known as White Sails plant, Spathe flower or White Flower, is a plant that is considered a symbol of female happiness, if you plant this plant in your home, then happiness and love. It will fill your house. Peace Lily has an impressive ability to absorb moisture and help kill mold cells in the air, you can place it in the corner of the house to limit the growth of mold caused by humidity.

In addition, the Peace Lily also very beautiful white flowers and suitable to decorate living room, den or dining table to increase the aesthetics. You can grow this plant in soil or aquatic method depending on your preference.


Swiss Cheese Vine has a compact shape and an impressively sparse leaf pattern, which has the ability to absorb formaldehyde in the air. Your room will become cleaner and fresher with the presence of this plant.


Sansevieria Trifasciata is known as the king of air-purifying plants and is specially designed for the bedroom to help you achieve deeper and safer sleep. Unlike ordinary plants that absorb CO2 to photosynthesize during the day, the Sansevieria trifasciata can do it even at night.

This plant does not need too much light and water, so you can place this plant where you want, in addition, the plant also has simple and hard leaves that are considered a symbol of strength, if you used to decorate the house will certainly be very impressive.


Kumquat is an ideal plant to grow indoors, in addition to effectively killing mold, deodorizing and purifying the air, it also brings a faint fragrance that creates a feeling of coolness and comfort. In addition, the plant also has the ability to absorb moisture, the leaves contain a large amount of healing and bactericidal substances for the surrounding environment. You should put the plant in a place with lots of light and water regularly and keep the soil dry.


Parlor Palm or can call as Chamaedorea Elegans. This plant is probably the most commonly grown among ornamental plants because this tree has a slender beauty but hidden deep inside is resilience and indomitableness. As an easy-to-live plant, we do not need much care but can still grow well and it has the most effective air purification effect and especially it can filter ammonia. This is the main ingredient present in most detergents, textiles and many dyes. You can place it near the foot of the bed, the corner of the bedroom so that it filters out chemicals on clothes, blankets, sofas, .. Just brings fresh air but also full of life.


Dumb Canes is one of the top air-purifying plants in the house, this plant has the effect of removing formaldehyde in the air. It has the effect of filtering out impurities in the air very effectively, besides this plant is easy to live in low light, humid places and gives a green beauty all year round without wilting even in winter. . This is also the reason why the perennial tree is considered an auspicious plant that can both decorate but also bring feng shui value to the house.


Chlorophytum Comosum is known as the “champion” of air-purifying ornamental plants because of its outstanding ability to filter toxic gases such as: Carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, toxic gas Stryrene and gasoline vapor. Besides, it can also convert carcinogenic gases into sugars and ammonium acids.

This ornamental plant is also very easy to grow and take care of, you just need to put a Chlorophytum Comosum pot inside the house, just a small pot is enough to clean the air in a space of 200m2.


Like kumquat, Gardenia also emits a scent that calms and improves our spirits, helping you fall asleep more easily and feel better. This plant is quite difficult to take care of because it needs light and balanced moisture, but with the effects it brings, do you want to own it in the house?


In the past, we have always known Aloe Vera with its function as food, medicine and beauty, but very few people know about its very effective air cleaning. It has the ability to show the amount of pollution in the air that exceeds the allowable level by showing brown spots on the trunk.

Especifically, Aloe Vera also helps absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, so it is very suitable for planting in your bedroom, office or plug room.

10. FERN

Ferns are considered to be one of the most effective air purifiers, and are good at removing toxic formaldehyde. In addition, it can remove toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury. As a moisture-loving plant, you need to water it regularly for the best growth.

KANE hopes the above sharing is useful to help you get more ideas and information to decorate your home.

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