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French – style Castle | Two – storeys Villa

Project Description

The designs of townhouse, four-level house or an ordinary house, the homeowner only needs a moderate area, but with French – style castle design (also known as villa French style), the villa should have an open area and wide from a hundred to a thousand meters. Although the construction area is only from 200 to 300m2, but the surrounding space needs to combine with the garden, landscape, swimming pool and aquarium… Wide space will also help the villa become magnificent and show off the nobility of the villa.

Clothes make the man, the house too. The exterior will be the most important factor to help enhance the value of the house. Looking at it, people can see the wealth and homeowner‘s style.
The total area of the villa is 670,795 m2, the construction area is only 10.5m x 17.6m. Consisting of two storeys, the style of the castle, a simple and small scale (compared to the original style) with linesdesigns, meticulous details, sophisticationcomplexitybearing the features of classical architecture.

KANE used a Marsand roof with a patterned top to cheat the floor height because the height of the marsand roof can be 3/4 the height of the storey, even though the 2-storey surface is still massive and superficially without building high floors. Thanks to that height, the house becomes more luxurious and majestic. The roof also helps ensure a stable downstairs temperature.

The combination of square and round columns and reliefs brings the house’s glamor and majesty.

The castle has two parts: the main hall and one side, covered with black and white marble, which is just horizontal and vertical, extremely eye-catching, bringing a unique beauty and luxurious.

The white color is used as main color, combined with the accents of the roof, windows and stairs, and a bronze-gold lobby, creating an attraction when looking at this 2-storey mansion. And arrange many windows from the top to catch the wind and natural light for the house.

KANE has chosen the classic iron gate with a sophisticated style with the curving patterns, intricate carvings and the black tone matching with the window, highlight and create attractive beauty for the castle.

And all decorative patterns of the villa are accurately measured, invested methodically and elaborately, and strictly follow the golden ratio, so that the architectural shapes become softer and more vivid, making the castle always stand out from any angle.

In addition, the garden and small landscape area also have a swimming pool and an aquarium along with a place to relax, enjoy afternoon tea with family, all combine into a beautiful space, charming villa.

Neoclassical lines can be seen in every corner of this great French castle design but not claustrophobic and oppressive.

We can’t deny the soft and delicate lines of French architecture that have been weaving and blowing new winds into Vietnamese architecture. The model of the French – style villa is considered as a masterpiecemaking a breakthrough, which will surely make many hearts awake.

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