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Modern villa 2021 | KANE | Design & Construction

Project Description

Modern villa 2021.

Area: 23m x 49 m

Construction area: 10m x 16 m

Let us introduce the two-storey villa model designed with all the quintessence of modern style, a living space that is not only comfortable, but also shows the luxury class. Surely anyone passing by this villa will be attracted by its new beauty. The gate part with simple square-shaped details but gives a sense of certainty, safety and in addition, there is a large gate for cars. The house has an open space facing the garden. The main color is white, with gray, brown in the way of minimalism but luxurious and eye-catching. This color tone is loved by most of the customers for its simplicity, outstanding and delicate. Including glass materials, glass used in most of the door system of the building. From the main to the secondary door system, the window is used tempered glass material with xingfa aluminum system, with many advantages such as sound insulation, heat insulation, to help the house be cool and airy, affected by outside noise. Electric lighting system is arranged reasonably, installed with wooden ceiling system and roof tile outside. Wooden ceiling with many outstanding advantages, high aesthetics should always be the first choice of interior design and construction.

Folding sliding glass doors are one of the solutions that maximize scalability for house space. Especially with small-sized projects, this is one of the safest and most effective options. The folding sliding glass doors are named according to the description of how they operate, they are uniquely and subtly designed, creating ventilation for your space.

The garden space is also arranged a beautiful small area with a sunshade, a place to hold small outdoor parties, BBQ,.. both comfortable and also decorative details.

Each living or relaxing space of the house are arranged very reasonably by the architect. Still the main gray-white color tone, the living room is drawn so bright and luxurious. The sofa is not only a place for reception and conversation but also an important interior that steps up the modernity of the house. Different from classic sofa styles with many details and patterns, with modern design stylessofas are often simple and harmonize with the whole space. Partition system and wooden decorative details, gorgeous gold-plated ceiling lamp make the space more cozy and comfortable.

The kitchen is arranged in a separate space filled with natural light, a set of dining tables and chairs tone sur tone with the house, a fancy ceiling lamp, all create a beautiful, ideal beauty.

KANE architect spent lot of gray matter for the bedroom space of this villa, a space with enough privacy, quiet and comfortable to be able to both rest and focus on working. White wardrobe and soft white curtain make the room spacious, clean and airy. All interiors are prepared in a minimalist style that is characteristic of a modern house, but still satisfies the decorative function and convenient living needs.

These combinations make the house look like a private miniature resort villa for the homeowner. This will be a great suggestion for those who love modern, minimalism in architectural design. An exquisite, great place to return to for your small family, why not? Let KANE use our experiences to help you build a great home!

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