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Project Description

Right from the first meeting after looking at a number of projects that have been fully designed and constructed by KANE, the landlord gave KANE all his faith with a succinct statement “Trust should want to deliver the package”. In a rather short time (Because the commencement date has been set), KANE quickly conducted a field survey, analysis & specific design plan to keep up with the exchange. In response to the owner’s desire to make a house using tiled roofs in the way that people call “Thai roof house”, the design team has come up with a design that meets all the requirements of the owner…

The house is located at the corner of the junction of winding concrete roads, so we determined to take 2 main faces for the house: the South-facing Facade and the East Side (Main) are also the best two directions for the house. homeowners.

The view has seen from the intersection of the road.

The exterior panorama is a combination of 5 interlocking tile roofs, arched doors & ceilings in the area of ​​the eaves, and the walls are traced, covered with only embossed and decorated with deep colors, next to That is not to mention the wall lamps and ceiling lights are also selected to suit the typical classic style of the house.

Panoramic view of the exterior of the house

Stepping into the interior space of the house, you will feel warmth with subtle yet luxurious styles.

Living room view

View of the kitchen area

Please join KANE to see the first stages of construction of the house https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94XPkNg18E0

Construction progress update part 2: Pour concrete for the entire roof “Store the roof of the building” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BrO5-hJIMQ

Hand over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16WDbs_9-2c

Come to KANE to experience the same great things as other guests “Give KANE your Faith – KANE will give back the Dream Home”

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