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New Thai roof two-storey Villa design

Project Description

The garden villa is designed in a neoclassical style by experience, expertise and enthusiasm of the KANE architects who have completely satisfied the owner about functionality, feng-shui, interior and exterior architecture. The work is designed delicately, meticulously, always attaching importance to the harmony in design, connecting nature with people to create the ideal living space.
This neoclassical villa design may not be the most beautiful and outstanding design of KANE but it’s a great reference for sophisticated and aesthetic investors. The main white color with natural and granite stone, creating a harmonious space. It also has large garden, swimming pool, trees,.. All of these things create a luxurious living space but extremely comfortable.

The pillar system is machined 100% granite with beige pattern combining the main white tones of the house. In particular, in the main hall area and the window system is stylized with a dome shaped gently floating, solid round pillars are harmoniously designed in the second floor balcony hall, really solid. In addition, the gray roof is also very popular with KANE’s customers, who love the youthfulness and newness. Light gray represents simplicity and comfort. The light gray roofs are most commonly used in colonial and Victorian houses, matching the main white paint of the villa. Especially with the design of swimming pool in the yard to help living space become luxurious, comfortable, with private space ensuring uniqueness and bringing relaxation in hot climate in summer.

House overview

The fence is the first place to welcome wealth, vitality, luck and health into the house. It create a separate, private and quiet space for the family. Understanding homeowner’s need, KANE has designed a solid wall with white as the main color and added a highlight by stones at the bottom, making the villa look really attractive and up-to-date.

It can be seen that KANE’s architect has arranged and designed a lot of balconies and an outdoor porch for rest, enjoy the wind or lie down here, to read a book in the sun, which is also very interesting, increasing the interaction between people and nature. Especially, the parterre is designed to surround the house, helping the house to be green and fresh.

Aluminum-framed glass window systems are arranged in a dense position to maximize get natural light and wind from the outside. And using dark gray tones for door is a trend used in neoclassical villa designs.

Choosing a Thai style roof for neoclassical villa is very popular, it steal investor’s heart. Moreover, the gray colour increases the beauty and vitality of the architecture. The Thai style roof is designed with a large slope, four-way swivel shape increases drainage quickly, avoids stagnation of water on the roof that causing mold. Besides, it also protects the house from leakage and water absorption.

Project Information:

Design year: 2020

Design area: 9.2 m * 14.6 m

Type: Thai roof 2-storey villa

Usable: 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 kitchen and 4 bathrooms.


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