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Townhouse – A New Modern Design

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Project Description

 This latest townhouse design will definitely help you a lot in creating ideas for your future home.

 The townhouse has an area of ​​4x12m, consists of a ground floor and two storey with two tones of white and gray, which are the main colors that are very popular in modern design styles. Not only that, KANE architect also cleverly added a little brown to create a cozy feeling, the green of the trees around the house is also a highlight and makes a fresh space, full of vitality.

Townhouse - 3D View

Townhouse – 3D View

With a narrow gate, the gray color is a suitable choice to help homeowners feel more airy. As you can see, just a small tub of trees makes the place where the number-plate is more interesting. Ground floor includes living room, kitchen and toilet, ensuring full functions and amenities. The bedroom is a space that needs maximum privacy and quietness. A restful sleep after a long day of work and study is really necessary to recharge positive energy for the new day.

Understanding the importance of relaxation and comfort, the bedroom will be located on the first floor, consisting of a master bedroom, a small bedroom and a toilet. In addition, a beautiful small balcony, use as a decorative detail to create artistic attraction for the house, enjoy the most comfortable living space, breathe fresh air from the wind, even with many families, balcony is chosen as the ideal place to relax. A nice balcony will help your living space become more attractive and impressive.

Townhouse - Facade

Townhouse – Facade

KANE uses gray inax brick wall tiles around the edge, bringing elegance and modernity to the townhouse. But do you wonder why it’s not brown, yellow, or white.. ? It’s because KANE architects has delicately “mix and match”, let the brick border tone sur tone with gate color, door border, creating a nice looking.

A special feature is the curved design on the first floor, second floor and the small balcony inspired by the beautiful curling details of the piano. This creative intention of the team of architects has made the house unique.

The second floor is the space that KANE has put into a lot of effort to meet the needs of the owner to use it as a piano room. This space must be artistic and comfortable, so there will be a piano room, a small bedroom and a toilet. The piano room is designed with a large glass wall, helping to catch natural light, because sunlight is an invaluable gift that nature offers, is the nourishment of trees and a source of vitality for humans, bringing positive energy.

Besides, the piano was fully shown, enhancing the value and elegance of the house. The glass railing once again makes the space liberal, you can set up a small table here, with a cup of tea to relax, talk together and feel peaceful. The sunshade helps the balcony stay cool, limiting the direct impact of sunlight on plants and furniture, while still providing enough light for daily activities of the family.

More than that, the combination of the sunshade and the glass wall creates the interference of light, a little dreamy inspiration for the artists.

Townhouse - Side Face

Townhouse – Side Face

Make full use of natural light thanks to the glass windows and wooden slats, along with the white gray inax card tiles that are clad in the stair core, making your home brighter and more refined.

Do you have any design ideas yet? Join KANE to create a pretty house for yourself!

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