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Modern Townhouse | Pleiku City

Project Description

The concept of “townhouse” was born to meet the high use needs, which can be combined with live and business. The model of a nice modern townhouse combined with the business below is a very worthy design to consider for your own future house.

The townhouse with 1 basement, 1 ground floor, and 1 floor is designed in a typical modern townhouse style, simple but also very unique and creative, fully meeting the functional requirements of the owner.

The area of ​​townhouses is usually not too large, has a narrow facade, and is quite modest in length. Therefore, transforming the space into open space is an extremely important criterion. KANE’s architect has sketched the house a youthful look with simple, solid shapes on a bright, eye-catching white background. The materials are also used flexibly, the large glass door becomes a “savior” for the house to be airy, spacious, and save the cost of electric lights by taking in natural light into space.

The highlight of the house is the glass railing system and the ceiling is covered with brown wood, adding a little fresh green color.


A ground floor is already for business use, so the first floor will be a more private part of the host family. The design is simple, not fussy, creating a separate space but still very harmonious with overall.


Scale: 1 basement + 1 ground floor + 1 floor

Land area: 6.3m x 19.1m

Location: Pleiku City, Gia Lai.

Style: Modern townhouse.

Homeowner: Mr Hung.

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